Planned Maintenance Program

Planned Maintenance Program

Not only is your garage door the largest moving object on your home, it is also the most overlooked. Your garage door stands up to daily temperature change, rain, sleet, snow hail and many other elements. A neglected door and automatic opener can lead to present dangers and  costly future repairs. Garage Door Guy has a comprehensive planned maintenance program that can keep your doors and openers safe and reliable.

Benefits of a planned maintenance program:

-Minimizing future repair costs

-Increased garage door and opener life expectancy

-Minimizing risk to your family and valuables

-Discounts on repairs

What is included in the planned maintenance program:

-Inspecting Tracks, Torsion Bars, Seals, Rollers, Cables, Chains, Door Balance, Hinges and Bearings

-Tightening hinges, back hangs, track brackets, etc

-Adjusting limits and force controls as needed

-Free replacement of batteries in remotes and keypads as needed

-Discounts for when repairs or replacements are needed

-Priority Scheduling

Cost of this program is $99.95 and includes up to two doors and two openers on a single home.