Garage Door & Opener Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair

Are you having problems with your garage door and or electric opener? With over 30 moving parts on your garage door alone, you’re bound to have issues at some point, as we say, “It’s not if, it’s when.”

Common Repairs Needs

  • Broken Garage Door Torsion Springs – Torsion spring life spans go by cycles, meaning how many times your garage door goes up and down. A common torsion spring lifespan is about 15,000 cycles which generally equates to 8-13 years. This is a HIGHLY dangerous repair and should ONLY be done by a trained professional.


  • Crooked Garage Doors – Sometimes a cable may break or come off of the cable drum resulting in a crooked garage door.


  • Broken Cables- These are the cables on the ends of the door. Over time they may fatigue and start to fray.


  • Broken Hinges – Hinges are the metal “hinges” located across the inside of your garage door. Hinges crack due to stress and should be replaced to prevent further damage to the door.


  • Broken Rollers- These are the “wheels” on the ends of the door. Over time they wear out and need replacement.


  • Cracked or Sagging Sections – Sometimes the steel in a section will weaken and crack or you may see the section “sagging”.


  • Operator Gear Replacement – The gears in most openers are made of nylon and will strip after a period of time.


  • Malfunctioning Remotes- Sometimes a remote will stop opening or closing the door.

No matter the problem you are facing, the technicians at Garage Door Guy are trained and certified to diagnose and repair your garage door and or electric opener in a professional and timely matter.