Garage Door Safety | Garage Door Repair | Springfield, Mo

Garage Door Safety | Garage Door Repair | Springfield, Mo

Is your garage door safe? If it is not, you do not have to spend a fortune on garage door repair to make it so. There are affordable options to make your garage door safe and we will explain a few below.

The simplest way to make your garage door safer is with a slide lock. A slide lock is a square lock that attaches to the end stile of your garage door. It has a “slide” mechanism that you slide through a hole on the tracks. You can then deadbolt the lock through a hole located on the slide mechanism so that it cannot be unlocked. We do not recommend this lock if you have an automatic opener attached.

Another type of locking mechanism is a “lock bar”. This lock is accessible from the exterior of the door utilizing a “t” handle and a key. There are bars located on the interior of the garage door that slide through the tracks much like the slide lock. This is a great option for garage doors that are only accessible from the outside of the garage.

If you have an operator attached to the door that is older than 15 years, we recommend upgrading to a newer unit, as many of the newer garage door openers available when adjusted properly will ensure the garage door cannot be opened. Liftmaster is selling an operator that has an electronic dead bolt lock that automatically locks/unlocks the garage door, this is a great option but will cost in the ballpark of $450-$500.


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